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Depression - Page 2
Depression has been associated with neglect, abuse, and trauma. Neglect, i.e. lack of nurturing, makes it difficult for a child to develop a healthy sense of self. Abuse, whether psychological or physical, also results in a poor self-concept but can also result in anxiety. Life-threatening trauma or a violation of one's sense of security can also precipitate depression.

Other factors that may lead to depression include a child having to take on the responsibilities of an adult. This tends to happen when one (or both parents) has a chronic or severe physical or mental illness or when a parent is a substance abuser or alcoholic. When children are forced to take on the primary role of running the home and/or when they are forced to take care of one or both parents, instead of being nurtured and supported, they fail to develop a healthy self-identity.

A depressed person experiences extreme sadness, may have low self-esteem, engages in negative thinking, and may be subservient--putting the needs of others before herself (or himself, depression is more common in women), try to please others or gain approval, etc.

Therapy can help improve a person's mood and self-esteem, teach adaptive and effective coping skills, and help prevent recurrence of depression. If you are depressed, I can help. Call me at 255-3618 to make an appointment.

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